Easy Vaping Tricks For Beginners

Do you think that smoke tricks are just for ordinary smokers? If you think that that is the case, you should think otherwise. When you vape, you are dimmed to be healthier than the ordinary smoker, and you get to enjoy a variety of flavors that can match anybody’s taste. To spice things further, vaping makes it possible for you to perform vape tricks. This can be aimed at either entertaining you or even your friends.

If you have a smoking experience, and you could do smoke tricks, then worry not because the same tricks can be applied when doing vaping tricks. If you haven’t undertaken to vape before, then we also have a host of tricks that you can learn. They range from the easiest of them to those that are extremely advanced.

Easy Vaping Tricks For Beginners

Vaping tricks can be very important especially when you are with new people, and you want to break the ice. Then when you do it, everybody will be interested to know how you learned your tricks. It is advisable that you begin by practicing learners vape tricks, when you master them then you can move one to the intermediate and even to the advanced ones.

By now you should be ready to begin the learning sessions of your vape tricks. Below we will highlight some tricks for beginners; they are important since they will form a foundation, so you learn difficult tricks much later.


It has been referred to be the easiest of tricks to master. Even though one may still be a beginner, you will still be impressive executing this. But all it requires is a little bit of preplanning. One basic requirement for this is that you should have a bottle of water, and it should contain frozen water at the bottom. Take any amount, but make sure that it is was frozen enough to allow you do the trick for sometimes.

When you have both your vaporizer and frozen bottle of water, you are ready to go. Start by inhaling as much vapor as you can; you can now gentle blow it into the bottle. Next, now pour out the vapor as if it was water, this should be done on a flat clear surface. The result can be seen in the form of a waterfall effect.

Vapor clouds

Those who have been through this say that it is the easiest of the tricks to learn and master. There is no much difference in the name and what they are. It is also important to note that the amount of cloud that you will be able to form entirely depends on the smoke inhaled.
Remember to inhale as much vapor as possible while holding it in your mouth, so you exhale it to form clouds.

Vapor rings

Easy Vaping Tricks For BeginnersThis can be likened to a cartoon character in our childhood days. But, you should realize that people can also produce vapor in rings too. Take the vapor and hold it in your mouth, hold your tongue into the front of the mouth, the tip should be against the back of your teeth now blow the vapor out. It will come in the form of rings.