Top Reasons to Be a Great Member of a Local Church

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It is in every Christian’s heart that they need to be an active member of the local church. As a believer in Christ, I am part of His body and ought to discipline myself to be involved in the ministry as a means of life. The following are some of the reasons you ought to be a committed member of a Bible-teaching local church such as James River Church Springfield, MO location.

Follow the New Testament

churchAlthough the word membership is not used in the New Testament, most of the New Testament books are letters that were written to certain groups of people who had identified themselves with Christ. Therefore, the word “church” is used to refer to a given group of people who are committed to serving God and in the same location. According to the book of Acts, numbers were known, rolls were kept, discipline was practiced, servants were selected, and worship was corporate.

Opportunity to Use Spiritual Gifts

When there is a Holy Spirit in your body, you will have the spiritual gifts God gave you for the blessing of the church. As we use the gifts, we become good stewards of the grace of God. Therefore, is there a way to use the spiritual gift without being a member of a given church? It is possible, but in most churches, the opportunities are limited to the church members.

The purity of life, unity in doctrine, and submissive accountability are part of a healthy Christian life. Thus, when you become a member of the church, you get the opportunity to discern one’s agreement in the doctrine and ministry goals.

Become Part of a Spiritual Family

female pastor in churchWhen you join a local church, you demonstrate a given level of commitment. It means you are more than a bystander and get involved in the ministry in a more considerable way. When you join the local church, you enter into a relationship with the other believers. In addition, we need the soul care and spiritual oversight of the faithful shepherds.

Live a Balanced Christian Life

There are times we tend to gravitate towards the extremes. When you become a member of the church, you get a sustainable atmosphere for the balanced Christian growth. You get an opportunity to sharpen each other. You cannot reach such maturity by participating only in Bible study. Thus, it is important to be a member of the local church. If you are not, then your Christian life will be imbalanced.

Beginner’s Guide To Astral Projections

astral projections

Most people have struggled in an attempt to understand how astral projections work so that they can try or even the origin or even the power behind them. This kind of soul mind and body activity has been in existence for many centuries and originated from the Asian countries. It is a powerful to search someone’s spiritual connection with another existence more supreme than you. For people who are starters in the activity, it is important to understand some few aspects as highlighted below.

What a beginner needs to know

What are astral projections

Well, there are different types of astral  astral projectionsprojections, but basically, it involves your soul traveling into another medieval realm and dimension leaving the physical body behind and the only connection is your conscious which never leaves both.It is commonly practiced by psychics who as a result are even able to fortune tell through reading the mind of others. For someone to be able to practice this kind of activity, the body needs to be at peace and the environment matters. There are various types of astral traveling:

Karma traveling

Karma is considered as one of the most powerful kinds of astral projection. The weight of Karma is felt on both ends where the expert psychics describe it as equivalent to shoveling ballast into different hips. As you move from one hip to another more and more power is gained. They also say that Karma gets more powerful as they move from one client to another Therefore, starters can not perform this exercise on their own.

Astral aerobics

This kind of aerobics is also known as cardio due to their close benefit to the cardio vascular body parts. It involves exercises that move both the physical body in coordination with the inner body which is already in another realm. So to say, this is all about movement in a meditating manner. To this the Psychics says that the as the physical body gets tired, the inner body especially the heat gets peace.


 astral projectionsThe telekinesis is almost similar to astral aerobics and involves the movement of the whole physical body in coordination to the mind which has already traveled into a realm projection. The key to this kind of activity is to move the body as guided by the mass on the astral space.


The key to succeeding in these astral projection s is to have a peaceful environment and a relaxed mind. A psychic can also help someone to practice successfully.