Different Types Of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard boxes are preferably used for packaging goods and various materials for safe keeping or ease of transport. The cardboard box has been of immense help in storing or packing products or containing them in one place to reduce congestion and make an area neat. They are becoming more popular because they are cheap, easy to manufacture and are disposable. There are varieties of cardboard boxes to serve different purposes as per the need. Some can be die cut boxes and other varieties. Lets explore some of the types of cardboard boxes available.

Types Of Cardboard Boxes

Archive Packaging Boxes

Archive boxes are typically the most common one in most industries and factories. The box comes with a separate lid and body and is convenient for storing goods that are durablCardboard Packaging Boxese. The separate top makes it easy to access the products in the box. The box is considerably used in offices to store files, office records, office documents and even personal stuff. The boxes are made from hard materials and covers and therefore allow it to be stacked without getting damaged.

Self Locking Packaging Box

These boxes are popular for storing or transporting small items and products. They are very popular due to their ease of assembly and robust nature. They are mostly used by parcel delivery companies due to its convenience in storage and are also cheap to produce. They come in different colors and sizes depending on specification and intended functions.

Full Overlap Packing Box

This type of cardboard packing box has flaps that completely cover the top side of the box to ensure a complete overlap. It also has its base entirely covered to enhance the security of items in the box and also to make storing of the boxes efficient. The flaps at the top of the box give the box the much-needed strength to allow it to be used for packaging heavy products.

Packing Carton

It is the most common type of packing boxes mostly used with industry packaging. These types of boxes have no fixed length or size and are produced according to customer’s prescriptions to suit his/her packaging needs. They are mostly used for storing and carrying bulky products.

Pizza Style Packing Box

Cardboard Packaging BoxesThese boxes are often used to package gifts or as a mailer pack. They are small in size and mostly flat like a pizza as the name implies. They are very common in packaging foodstuffs although hygienic precautions need to be highly maintained to avoid food contamination.

Most cardboard packaging boxes can be used in several ways rather than the specified function. Most companies producing packaging boxes can also print to specifically indicate its function.