Incorporating green living with facility management

residential areas

Methods of greening urban objects may be different. Each facility has its own requirements, standards, and recommendations.

Greening of apartment buildings and residential areas

Creation of a favorable living environment that meets the clean, functional and architectural and artistic requirements involves landscaping and gardening throughout the territory of the residential areas.

Greening objects of residential areas are territory around houses, courtyards, gardens, areas of kindergartens and schools, areas to cultural and community institutions, which are intended for domestic activities and for short rest of adults and children.

Comfortable environment

High demands to the agricultural technicians are made to care and the subsequent formation of plants to create a comfortable resting environment. The construction of these facilities should be carried out in a short time simultaneously with the settlement of residential buildings.

Convenient access

 residential areasBuilding a network of driveways and sidewalks in residential areas and neighborhoods should provide convenient access and approach to all residential and public buildings, to meet fire protection requirements, exclude or complicate the transparent connection of vehicles through residential areas by the help of two-three fractures. The most widely used are circular driveways and dead ends.

Greening residential areas should be carried out considering health, functional and aesthetic requirements. Park or garden is expedient to place in a residential area in the heart of territory away from the traffic, creating a seating area with a high sanitary quality of the environment. Garden district connect neighborhoods with gardens, forming a single green residential area.

Vertical gardening can be used on apartment buildings. Vertical gardening of house walls with greening window sills, balconies and loggias also lead to the creation of a microclimate conducive to human health. On hot days, the brick wall of the house, covered by plants, does not heat so much. In addition, plants absorb exhaust fumes of motor vehicles and dust from the street.

Incorporating green living to public buildings and factories

 residential areasIn public buildings between different walkways should be installed lawns, flower beds, extensive plant trees, and beautiful flowering shrubs. For greening, decorative rocks are usually used. The most effective groups and expressive compositions can be illuminated from below in the evening.

Greening objects of an industrial building are complex objects, intended to improve the conditions of staying of workers in the factory or factory areas, as well as for a short rest. Such objects are different areas for recreation like swimming pools, fountains, and plantings – avenue planting along the walkways and driveways, group and single landing near the rest areas, flower beds, lawns band at administrative buildings, shops, and so on. Take  a look at facility management news to learn more.