Top Qualities That Define an Excellent E-Juice


An E-juice is a liquid used in vaping devices similar to e-cigarettes. It generally consists of glycerin, water, propylene, nicotine and flavorings. The ingredients may vary considering the concentration levels that may be desired. However, it is prudent to note that a good e-juice should adhere to the health and safety standards of the product.

Do not only get focused to make the e-juice more concentrated because you may be engineering some health complications. Regardless of the variation in concentration, you can know when you have an excellent e-juice. Below are top qualities that define an excellent e-juice.

The Smell and Taste

A quality e-juice should have the right aroma and taste. Unpleasant smells may be a sign of low-quality ingredients. Furthermore, the e-juice should have a clear appearance. A cloudy and dark fluid may be an indication that the product is contaminated. Moreover, it may also indicate that the ingredients are not mixed in the correct ratios and this may be a health hazard in waiting.


The Brand

There are certain brands of e-juices that are associated with quality. The manufacturers of quality e-juices have nothing to hide and will voluntarily give the nutritional information of the product. Additionally, they offer free advice about the side effects that may emanate from consumption of their product.

Provision of the product information by certain brands makes it easy to make a rational decision on whether or not to buy and consume the product. In short, quality brands are an assurance to consumers that the product will give a fantastic vaping experience with low health side effects.

Use of Natural Flavors

Preferably, a high-quality e-juice should consist of natural flavors as opposed to artificial ones. Natural flavors reduce the chances to inhale unnecessary and harmful chemical components which may be in artificial flavors. The product information should contain the quality and quantity of flavors used to facilitate right purchase and consumption decisions. In most cases, the flavors used in e-juices should conform to the regulations set by relevant public health bodies.

It Has Trustworthy Ingredients

We are aware that the society is made up of malicious people who pose as manufacturers of e-juices. They may make counterfeit e-juices with the wrong ingredients. However, quality e-juices are those that have passed the standard check for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.

Manufacturers who are committed to quality are careful not to contaminate their products with these impurities which may be problematic to consumer’s health. Before vaping the e-juice, it cannot harm to research and get to know the ingredients and their side effects on your health.

Contain Consumable Levels of Nicotine

Nicotine should be consumed in adherence to the set standards. It means that a quality e-juice should contain tested nicotine concentrations. Abnormal and unregulated consumption of nicotine may be of great negative impact on the body; starting with the respiratory system.

The restrictions to have certain levels of nicotine in e-juice are important. Non-adherence to the set regulations concerning levels of nicotine is a clear indication that the e-juice is not perfect for human consumption.